Saturday, 30 March 2013

So I have been playing... (17). Torment endnotes.

Some weeks ago I wrote about my endeavours in Planescape: Torment. From the moment I decided to scratch the itch of sharing the experience in written form, I knew some footage-on-the-fly was in order as well - I just had to find the spare energy and figure out the means. Having reached the game's ending once already, I had returned to an earlier save to roam the areas I'd initially missed. That's where I decided to set the stage for the recording process and here are the results.
This is the first "clean recording" - figuring out the good settings took more than one attempt.

And this is the very first semi-successful video (once it uploads, that is). It contains more of the hilarious failures and re-learning the basics moments than the ones to follow. It also displays the discord between the game and the screen-capture - a rather distracting flicker. (In other words, I still want to show it but with limited access and loads of context disclaimers plastered all over.)

The rest of the playlist will be here.

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