Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Co-piloting Chaos Nova (14). A lot of Defiance.

[The copy-paste intro]
Vaguely around Earth Occidental Standard Year 2014, the drift of interwebs lead my paths into collaboration course with Chaos Nova universe. Since then I have chimed in on the forum-based space opera RPG, and dispensed counsel (unsolicited and otherwise) about passive voice, semicolons, and everything in the process. When not lounging about in the "writers' room", I'm often joining in the crew gameplay sessions. This here is one of those.

We've been playing quite a lot of Defiance lately. I've recorded most of it, with varying results. (At some point I learned that OBS hotkeys now work for me; yet further ahead I switched to OBS multiplatform, and got the settings worked out for smoother result.) I've also put together a Defiance-specific co-op playlist, with Knux's recordings spliced in where chronologically appropriate

Here's session two.
I join Digi for some vehicular follies, bug hunting, and random shootery while Knux is negotiating his new machine to work; then take a little detour and return to camp for the session's end.

Here's session three.
We check out some scenery, try out localized challenges, and collect loot; we chase after one of those atomic events (it culminates at a farm); we try out a factory mission and some more localized challenges as I struggle to stay sharp.

Session four.
We sort out some doodads, and seek out a bigger fight; we run into space robots... also, inventory troubles; we end the day with some fireworks.

Session five.
We do some main mission tasks; continue with main mission points, and end up on a bridge; we observe how Steam strarts acting up all of a sudden.

Unlisted episodes from session five. while the Steam-rama is unfolding inthe background, me and Digi are doing some casual exploring and robot fights.

Session six.
We continue with the story missions. There's some doodad to be retrieved from indoors; we attempt to go Serious Business about chasing arkfalls; we continue on story missions, and chase down the bald weasely man; we collect gifts, and go on a random rampage.

Unlisted episodes from session six. Just exploring, collecting loot, and comparing gear.

Session seven.
I explore a bit on my own, then jin Digi for some random hunting; we stand by for an event that doesn't come, and I drive my buggy near to the point of motion sickness; we go on a road trip around San Fransisco island.

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