Tuesday, 2 February 2016

So I have been playing ... (69). Dipping into Void again.

The last time I attempted to advance in Void/Turgor, I ran into a bit of a block: I knew exactly how I wanted to proceed, yet the adversary I needed to vanquish in order to do so was impervious to generic attacks, and i ran out of experimenting-steam. Fast-forward two years, and looking up some hints, I finally felt prepared to attempt again. I beat that fucker down with flying colours (tee-hee). Then I played some more, and then some - in fact, I am now closing in on the pre-endgame territory. But first, there are the sessions of getting there to show off.

Here's how I got started again.

Here's the whole playlist. And here's the rest of this new-first session.

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