Tuesday, 16 February 2016

So I have been playing ... (72). Dragonfall, session four.

My last Dragonfall session had ended on a thoroughly cornered position. (If you're keeping an eye on my Wasteland 2 play, you might notice a bit of a pattern here.) I began recording this session somewhere in the middle of working that situation out.

I was finally able to turn that situation my way. I even dared to get a little bit artistic with the encounter in the end - to secure some additional data.  Then we had the pleasure of meeting the "loose end" in person.

For a little break from the missions rut, I decided to give another try to the Lodge Trial run. The idea was to see to what extent my improved skills (namely: security etiquette) would allow to influence the situation. I got quite far with rather interesting results; however, since the "which one of your crew will you screw over" part still applied, I returned to the save before the run once again.

The rest of the session is dedicated to the Az-tech mission -gearing up for it, doing the preparations run (and then over-doing it a few times) ...

... and finally crawling deep into the secure structure itself, eventually working ourselves into the next "thoroughly cornered" predicament.

Here's the link to the whole playlist as well.

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