Thursday, 28 April 2016

So I have been playing ... (81). Some XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Some weeks back I was playing a looooooot of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. After a while I began missing the babble-along process, and decided to record some. What started off as few entries into the one-offs list grew into a collection of its own.

I start off with a mission that takes my brave buggers to a landed alien supply ship.

This bit continues the landed supply ship mission after the game froze.

In this bit I try to take a few rookies out to play in a cemetery with the master plan to earn some promotions. I nearly doom the whole squad.

In this bit I'm taking a crew of two medics, three assault, and a sniper to a terror/rescue mission. There's a lot of reloading, and i keep being summoned elsewhere mid-play.

I take some semi-rookies and one proper rookie out on a hunting trip with the goal of level-ups and live capture.

This bit is mostly just base management, and sorting out the hangar.

Once again, I'm sending a team of two medics, three assault, and a sniper to respond to alien terror; again there is quite a bit of reloading, also the AI freaks out at times.

This is the conclusion to bit 7's terror/rescue mission. (I didn't want to edit them together because laziness and quality loss.)

In this bit we've shot down a big UFO, and I'm sending a team to investigate, also to capture some aliens, and to field-test some new psi-abilities.

In this bit we're going to an escort mission, and I'm getting a wee bit too creative for our own good.

In this bit I'm unleashing my new flying toys upon the aliens, send a junior team out to play.

In this bit I sort the base affairs a bit, then send a team of three seniors and three juniors (and no snipers!) to hunt for promotions and live capture.

In this bit I organize another hunt'n'stun party with two trainees, and find a rather interesting terrain.

In this bit I send a mostly junior team to help out Australia. (Decided to record, because more rookies = more potential for failure = more creative approach needed.)

In this bit I send a senior team for a Thin Man hunt... I mean, bomb disposal mission.

We start off a terror/rescue mission and some bad choices make decide to backpedal.

A second attempt at the latest rescue/terror mission, with slightly different loadout. (Of course going back to the save before the mission's start means we got thrown to a whole different map.)

Special kudos to Knux for the library share. Check out his XCOM playists where fictional ChaosNova characters are being pulled into the XCOM world, and mixed together with real-people-inspired characters: Enemy Within, and XCOM2.

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