Wednesday, 14 September 2016

So I have been playing ... (94). Getting serious with Jupiter

After some time away from Call of Pripyat, I felt like getting serious with Jupiter area. But first there was some detouring to do. My brain was still tender from finishing Turgor, and I was seeking a buffered transition from that delicate world into the realities with mutants and shooty-shooty.

So I took an hour-or-so to discover the little indie called Light.

Then I stumbled around in CoP environment for a while, babbling about "serene Slavic melancholy," and spending long idle minutes attempting to eavesdrop on the zombified. Because the whole recording was rather aimless, and the lighting wasn't viewer-friendly, I'm keeping this episode hidden.

After some acclimatizing, I loaded up a Jupiter save again, this time with a clear plan.

Implementing said plan took way too much time; here is another hidden episode capturing a series of failures to hop into Twilight Zone.

After another good rest, I made the breakthrough almost immediately. (My previous jumps had failed because I'd stood in a wrong spot.) So I spent some quality time meandering about the Jupiter Twilight Zone, taking all the mandatory tourist-spot screenshots.

At this point in the game, I still don't have a Veles detector (more on that next time).

Here are two short extra bits from between sessions. 

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