Friday, 24 February 2017

Co-piloting ChaosNova: new youtube channel (vol2)

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


Vaguely around Earth Occidental Standard Year 2014, the drift of interwebs lead my paths into collaboration course with Chaos Nova universe. I have since run a character in the forum-based space opera RPG (dispensing unsolicited advice about universe, life, and everything in the process), yapped along to countless online gaming sessions, and dug deep into the creative flow with editing, co-writing, and worldbuilding. 

This is the second entry introducing the first bundle of videos on the ChaosNova Writin Corner youtube channel. Last time I stopped at the videos discussing our protagonist and her transformations during drafts and edits. The first chat session culminated with its juiciest topic - reading and commenting on a list of worldbuildning assumption we'd anchored down for out fictional universe. A bunch of footage from the beginning of that topic got lost. When we gathered to re-record some in the next day a little warm-up was in order. so first, there's a little intermission-rant...

... and then the main topic itself, with a bit of time paradox in the middle.

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