Tuesday, 7 November 2017

So I have been playing ... (110). Call of Pripyat after a pause.

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/blueberrycreekrecovery


According to my posts, it would appear that my last recorded Call of Pripyat session happened last November. This a) does npt feel right (granted, the flow of things-in-progress-time greatly differs form the flow of linear-calendar-time), and b) cannot be right because my episode numbers exceed those in the post. (EDIT: turns out there was another post last December after all!)

Whatever the mixup, I've been picking up my trail again (incidentally, I've also delved back into my other ongoing long-play, Wasteland 2).
My first return-to-Jupiter session includes fumbling around at nighttime, embarrassing (and avoidable) deaths-by-mutants, convoluted inventory scheming, and slowly, reluctantly starting to poke at some in-game missions. My self-imposed restrictions for gear (scavenge, don't buy!) still apply.

After some minor acclimatization, I travel to Zaton with the hopes of "properly" obtaining the Svarog detector from Owl.

Turns out, Owl pretends like he doesn't know what I'm talking about, so I decide to spend my time acclimatizing some more, this time with some healthy swamp air.

Hoping to soften up Owl's cold trading heart, I finally (and begrudgingly!) set my foot to the water treatment plant. My initial naive hopes that I might succeed the stealthy way and thus preserve a slice of the faction-ecosystem unscratched only last a bunch of tries, after that it's full murder all around. (I eventually do manage to complete the ingress-fighty-looty-exit cycle in one go without saves in the middle.)

At this point I'll find OBS working against me and losing some footage. Said footage contains direct observation of a nefarious scheme including a Sunrise-Loner, a Jumpsuit-Bandit, and their victims - a Leatherjacket-Loner and a Trenchcoat-Bandit. I try to recreate the scene with excited narration; results vary.

Back at Jupiter I begin my humble questing career by doing the Loner debts-and-kidnappings galore. (I decide in favour of using the least effort and throw some of my accumulated wealth at the bandits.)

The whole playlist is over here.

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