Monday, 28 January 2013


When I wrote the other day how this winter has seen my do-anything-at-all-capacity shrinking to the size of a scrawny mouse turd, I left out some parts. Namely, how (besides the task to keep some basic mundane routines going) I was also able to maintain the desire to play and see my cognitive abilities gradually recover in the process. I might take the time to write about the games involved in that process as well, but there's something even more exciting going on.

For nearly a month now, I have had the joy and privilege to contribute to the Stalker: The Lost Alpha project as a tester. In the eyes of the world this may not seem as much, but for me personally, it is an immensely valuable step in the path of my long-term objective/ dream of creating games. While unleashing my wilde learning-by-doing urge and trying to hunt down the most exotic and elusive errors, I have also had the chance to harness my instructional and/ or copywriting expertise to bug others with unsolicited advice.


  1. Ahhhhh That's why you haven't put up any new vids on YT. :)

    Locality from YT

  2. Indeed :)
    I have a few things on hold/ hatching in the backburner that I intend to record, though.