Friday, 25 January 2013

From the hibernation chamber

As the winter was settling in, I took a hard blow to my creativity, ability to focus, ability write or do ... well, anything really. Dedicating all my remaining shards of strength into performing the simple tasks like getting out of bed, going for walks and bringing in firewood to heat the woodstove, there wasn't much left for developing the writing habit. Now that the days are once again getting longer, I am discovering how my intense focus on managing the mundane has been secretly awarded by improved anxiety-coping skills, better deliberate attention-directing ability and increased resilience. I am also discovering that the bookmark folder for stuff that I've meant to spam on is overflowing with links. Since I've mostly forgotten the smartass comments or insightful generalizations intended to accompany these, I'm just going to dump the links themselves. (The advances in gaming front deserve their own post - or a few. I'm working on it.)

So, here goes. The random info-dump organized in somewhat topical bunches.

On work habits, productivity and the importance of allowing the idle time to happen.

See also:


On the ease of accepting stuff as "real" and "norm" and "traditional" when it's just arbitrary. 

(I have a special fondness for origin stories that demonstrate how and when random things and beliefs have come to be - and how their "marketing" as something inherent or self-evident is being debunked in the process.)

See also: Faux Symbolism


On work habits, tinkering and skill improvement


On the ever-important player-game-world relations.


On the learning process in general, how the mind works and develops, how education works and how it doesn't  - and the elusive overlaps of all this.


The miscellaneous interesting stuff.

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