Sunday, 24 February 2013

Building a habit... (Vol. 8)

[Semi-standard copy-paste intro.]
The other day I wrote about the concept of Morning Coffee Walk - a habit I'm trying to pick up in order to get myself going and moving before starting any other daily activities. The rules of this game are simple: get dressed (weather-appropriately), grab a mugful of hot beverage and head out; do not return until the mug is empty. 

I've mentioned earlier that in wintertime the camera doesn't get to go out and play as often. (This one time when the first bigger winter cold had wrapped everything in an otherworldly fog upon its arrival I almost went back to fetch the camera but then decided to "experience it rather than worry how to report it".) Today it came along and here are some highlights.


  1. The 4th picture with items beside the tracks. Is that your coffee mug? :) It appears to be some kind of container. Also there is sonething laying to the right as well. Gloves?

    I may be way off in guessing what they are, I'm betting I am. ;)

    Locality from yt

    1. Yup, that's the mug :D (plus some duct tape) It's featured in some of the earlier 'habit' posts as well.
      Gloves - also correct. (It was one of the first days when - in the sun - it was warm enough to take them off.)