Sunday, 16 September 2012

Building a habit - one steaming mug at the time

As I'm working mostly from home these days, my habits and schedule logic are transforming. The first fundamental change was the time I take to work. The minute my old contract ran out, I booked the late evenings and early night hours for my writing duties. Even though somewhat active at the daytime, I now managed to pick my most efficient hours when it came to creating content. (The results were more than pleasant: I was now able to focus on my stuff at those hours when I'm actually productive and complete the materials within that time frame. As opposed to channelling all my effort into being able to produce something, anything at all during the "proper" office hours, only to discover that by the time my own internal creative hour kicked in, I had depleted my strength for the day and was falling hopelessly behind with my works.)

The ability to have my mornings to myself, without the obligation to run somewhere at someone else's clock is truly priceless. However, while the having-to-run-somewhere-regularly-on-someone-else's-clock arrangement provided its regular dose of misery, it also provided a regular dose of moving my ass. I soon discovered that while I don't generally work at mornings (unless I'm still working), the bed-coffee-computer routine was starting to set in more comfortably than I liked.

Insert the Morning Coffee Walk. (And by "morning" I mean "those couple of hours right after waking up regardless of the numbers shown on a chronometrical device".) I've set myself a few simple rules: get dressed according to weather; fill the mug with something hot; head out house and don't return until the mug is empty.
At this point I have been able to keep this up nearly a week. Sometimes "cheating" with just a round in the garden, other times taking it beyond the mental landmarks of the "home district". Here are some highlights from the latter.

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