Saturday, 26 March 2016

So I have been playing ... (78). First daring explorations in Wasteland 2.

This long sessions was the one where we (I think) properly broke out of that beginner cell.

We went into yet another infected farm, and faced a whole lot of pod people; apart from some tactical blunders, we were now able to stand up to them... to a point.

We dared to wander beyond those scary, glowy rad-warning signs the first time. Turns out, they don't always represent impassable areas (sometimes they do), and we were able to find new places with minimum health loss.

I also made it to the prison location for the first time. Some of the local challenges we werw up to,,,

... others, not so much.

In the end I decided that my buggers will need a few more level-ups, or at least a few grenades, until it's reasonable to try proper infiltration.

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