Wednesday, 30 March 2016

So I have been playing ... (79). Turtles and toads in Wasteland2.

Continuing the previous session's theme of daring exploration,we went to some new places. (Before we could do that, though, I was attempting to put some pig shit into context.)

After I was done playing detectives in Highpool, I explored further north. It just so happens, we stumbled upon the Rail Nomads in the process.

Because I'm all about priorities, I made my crew follow a turtle around the Rail camp map, in real time. (The turtle lead us to a pretty sweet stash, and then tucked in for a nap.)

We kept exploring the immediate area near the turtle landing spot, and ran into this guy who keeps spewing cryptic Latin sentences at us. On the plus side, he is also taking part in the fights (the downside of him taking part in fights is becoming apparent during the next session report.)

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