Tuesday, 7 June 2016

So I have been playing ... (85). Prison breakthroughs in Wasteland2.

The excursion that ended up with us diving into rail nomad affairs was meant to be a short simple matter of obtaining some grenades we could lobe in the prison caves. All detouring and side-railing aside, we did eventually accomplish that - so now it was time to go forth, and tackle the prison challenges anew. By now there is also the added bonus/complication of crew growth.

As usual, I've been approaching things in a roundabout way, first checking out the wildlife, and sights, and the usual. Among all the bush-beating we paid a visit to the good doctor at AgCentre who had been bleeding out in the corner from way earlier in the game (and proved too deadly for our crew so far). This time we were strong enough to stand up to him, and even extracted some valuable intel in the process.

Once at the prison area, I was glad to learn that our levels and skills had improved enough to also make us a worthy opposition to all those badgers.

Breaking through deeper into the cave confirmed my hypothesis that the caves did indeed lead to the restricted area. There were also more goats.

Encouraged by all that new access and intel, we pushed onward, into the cave/pass leading past the prison gates. The add-on crew proved a bit problematic for the tactical situation I'd had in mind. Also, in an almost unprecedented move, I took the bold decision to leave behind some of the shit I'd dug up. 

The immediate area outside the cave/pass was also teeming with Red Scorpions, and at first I figured the tactical situation was so much against us that it might be better to try the gates after all. But after getting my ranks in check (namely, contain the new recruits between core characters so that they can't charge into the enemies head-on), the cave-side position proved quite winnable.

The next area was a bit more problematic, crew-positioning-wise. I had to learn the hard way that terrain formations that you'd intuitively duck behind might not always count as cover in game terms.

Eventually we made to a farm atop a plateau (I hadn't realized how big this side of the prison map truly was). Turns out the stolen pigs I'd been trying to sniff out at Highpool were in this area. After some poking and experimenting and recon-ing and mine-disarming, I also figured that in order to retrieve the stolen livestock, we had to take down the power structure firrst. And that in order to tackle the prison proper, we'd need a Citadel trip to restock and de-stock.

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