Tuesday, 28 June 2016

So I have been playing ... (86).Call of Pripyat, Special Edition.

In the middle of spring I felt that special yearning again. After I'd ended my Oblivion Lost longplay, I wanted to deprive myself a bit from the familiar Zone flavours, let the mind clear until the itch builds up on its own. Watching others play grew the urge (I'm blaming you, Grimwald's Gaming, Dave Edwards, and WTFSexyHeadphones), and the final straw came from reading Tiger's Spring.

I knew I wanted the new playthrough to be somewhat casual and free-play-ish, and possibly not too long, so I picked Call of Pripyat for my current fix; I also wanted to mod it up a little - but just a little - and Special Edition seemed to strike just the right balance.

Here are the first two short sessions, mostly consisting of fumbling, night exploration, and avoiding puddles. 

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