Wednesday, 10 August 2016

So I have been playing ... (90). A hundred runs in Tower of Guns.

My game conduct usually involves a few "main plays" going on long-term (previously Oblivion Lost, these days Wasteland2), interjected by various one-offs, and experiments, and shorter excursions (that can grow into longer series), also semi-regular co-op

The latest addition to the "one-offs" collection is Tower of Guns. It started innocently enough - I captured my fumbling beginnings, and then some.

I'd keep going some more, and hit 'record' when I picked up some new tricks, thinking I'd run out of steam soon enough.

Then I kept going some more.

I'd yet to complete a run, and I didn't seem to be making any progress, but I was picking up on habits and patterns. I still kept going. 

While I wasn't noticing much progress happening, I was steadily unlocking gear and perks. My favourite is the one that allows me to dive around in red hot "lava". (I found an uber-seekret that way - I've been trying to get that room on record ever since.)

I hit 'record' again when approaching a hundred runs. (I was hoping there would be cake.)

The hundredth  run did indeed involve caketown intermission, but this time all the badges and extras were the difficulty-increasing kind. That run didn't last long, but the one after that was my most successful  so far.

At the time of posting I'm yet to complete a run.

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