Friday, 18 August 2017

We did it! "Seeker" is out!

The long hours harassing Knux as an editor and contorting my brain as a co-author have paid off. "Seeker", a standalone story in the ChaosNova setting is done and out for the public to see. This is where you'd inject a clever synopsis or throw some whimsical quotes in the air, but I'm far too lazy for that (plus, that's what twitter is for).

Instead, this image-link conveniently opens the free preview.

There is also a nice little announcement on our website and a trailer. 

In addition, I've rounded up some adventures that went into completing the book - in chronological order, more or less.

In the late summer of 2015, I hosted Knux here in the Estonian woods, and "Seeker" underwent its first substantial collaborative edits. The playlist below features highlights of that endeavour. (Here's the blog post that rounds up all my countryside "orbital" logs, including those of Knux's visit time.) 

A little over a year after, I paid a return visit to Knux's family in Essex. While there, we continued the edits on "Seeker's" middle chapters, and also outlined the final ones. The playlist below features moments from that trip. (Here's the blog post that rounds up all Benefleet-expedition-related posts.)

We continued the edits and revisions (and fleshing out the final chapters) when I returned home. I recorded these reading-and-discussion sessions, and put together a collection of outtakes.

Besides the direct worksessions in "Seeker", we've recorded several other creative chats this year. Here's that playlist as well, for good measure.

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