Monday, 8 April 2019

So I have been playing ... (141). Meat merchandise in LADC.

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


Last time I took the decision to keep playing the few-notches-before-release version and, in true spirit of procrastination and dodging the main path, went on to explore the Forest map. After some artifact hunting and mutant parts collecting it became clear that my rad protection levels were inadequate for full-on forest-frolicking, so I took on some missions. "Wounded stalker" wrapped last time; this time I carried on with Paulie's rescue (having thinned the zombie population of both villages in advance).

I was going to take my winnings and report to whoever collects the rotting meaty bits. After I'd taken a mellow night-stroll, that is.

Once I'd stuffed my pockets and the new day dawned, I set off to exit Forest. I didn't want to venture to the Dolina just yet, so I set course back to the Duty checkpoint - weighed down and rather low on ammo. The problem - taking the path of least radiation, I'd be running into some mutant nests for sure. (The bloodsuckers especially proved quite a nuisance.)

Finally I made it to Garbage, traded what I could, then took a guide to Cordon where I engaged in extensive meat merchandising and finally lead Nimble out of trouble. (Sidenote - postponing Nimble's rescue allowed some interesting observations on item spawning.)

Next time I learn some important safety lessons in Garbage. Meanwhile, my whole LADC playlist is over here.

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