Friday, 3 May 2019

So I have been playing ... (142). Into Dark Valley [LADC].

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


(Once again, updating the playtime posts - as well as having wholesome playtime itself - has kinda slipped my mind, because I've been busy writing, then writing some more, then yet some more, even attending a contest as co-author.)

Last time I delivered a buttload of entrails to Sidorovitch and earned a bunch of rubles in the process. This time I head back to Garbage, with the plan to carry on towards Dark Valley. There are some obstacles on the way, starting with a blowout. I stay sheltered and stay alive. Others - not so much.

Post-blowout landscape is full of chaos: mutants mixed with friendly stalkers, mixed with friendly grey dots on the map, mixed with not-so-friendly red dots. I somehow make it to the depot, and find the local camp in a sorry state - because their front door is open and mutants are barging in.

After a bit of a dip-in to the valley (I shot a crow tight at the level changer and ran back to deliver the meat to Seryi), I take a lazy stroll across the sunny hills, getting very stupidly killed several times. I do score some artifacts, though.

I continue poking at the landscape at a not-at-all-brisk pace, and encounter some poltergeists at the scrapyard. Ow.

Next I spend some time in the cave/bunker/old lab entrance. When I emerge, it's gotten darker, so I seek shelter in the tiny village, bloodsuckers singing me lullaby.

Next time I catch up with more recent episodes. Meanwhile, my whole LADC playlist is over here.

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