Monday, 25 June 2012

Games, adults, life and everything

My Mondays just wouldn't be the same without Jimquisition. I draw lots of parallels between the world of gaming and the world of e-learning. This means whenever some nifty game mechanic or especially ingenious goalstetting or obscurely cool and functional interface tidbit is being discussed, I'm having my little private "aha!" moments and might let out a giggle (or two) of sheer joy. And when when Jim tears apart some heinous publisher sin or faulty business practice, i'm often feeling that different species of joy of recognition. (Those are the moments when i find myself mumbling under breath: "see, you fuckers? Not only is this idea of yours lame, it is also bad for business!")

And then there are episodes like this - that tackle why it all matters in the first place.


(Here's a link to the episode as well, in case embedding won't work as intended.)

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