Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sign me up: the Mid-Class Assessment

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So, I've been taking the Google' Power Searching course and I've been trying to record my thoughts while doing so. /.../ Furthermore, I set myself another sneaky condition - leave the test alone until I've had a good sleep.

Well, now I've had my nap, and a coffee, and it's evening so my brain is working without me having to force it, so I took the test. Here are the random thoughts from the process. 

Random thought #1. "Pay attention to what the question is! Even if the answer seems obvious, just check what they're actually asking!" Lesson learned from the in-lesson activities - I submitted a super-smartass answer ... only to see that it only covered half of the question. And thinking back, I've done exactly that in countless occasions. So I'm turning this course into a training for self-discipline as well. 

Random thought #2. "I really like how these questions are built! I wish I'd written these." The question type in question is where you place the learner into a hypothetical situation where she'd have to choose a course of action specific to that situation. A bunch of such related questions in the row, and I'm finding myself in a simulated scenario. This is one of those well-designed - and intuitive - learning situations that Kathy Moore discusses in her e-learning blog. (I'm planning a lot more future references to her materials - and what I've learned from there, but at the moment, let this mention serve as a mental note.) 

Random thought #3. "Hmm, before I submit the answers on "what would your query look like" type of questions, why not try these queries out in another window, just to be sure. Oh... This is exactly what you're implicitly encouraging us to do, isn't it. You crafty buggers :D" 

Random thought #4. In case of a digital environment like Google, the virtual/ imaginary world and its real counterpart are pretty much the same. Meaning, the option to "go and try it out for real" is always at my fingertips. I mean, how cool is that!

Random Thought #5. It's a really great feature(?) that you can try as much as you need to get the answers right and then submit your score. (I still get a special kind of satisfaction that I "got it" at the first try. And that I get to tell about it :D)

A pretty picture too.

No, this time I didn't search for "pretty picture" anymore. I searched for "circuit", then applied the green palette-filter, then picked one appealing result and used the "similar" function to hop further. The image leads to the source page as well - it seems that I've found a cool free image stock by accident!
[Sidenote: here's one rule that I'm setting for myself if this blogging thing should ever work out well: "Whenever I share something from an outside source, I'm telling. I SO am telling!"] So - Thank you, Alytre

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