Monday, 6 August 2012

I wish I'd learned to count with this

More joy, fresh from Youtube. Many years ago (but who's really counting) my sister and I found this odd little animation that we immediately fell in love with. Many years later (but who's counting) I came by that clip again, found out the author's name and subscribed to his channel. Fast forward to this day (but who's counting) and to the laconic newsfeed tidbit saying:

Here's a video I made for Adam Buxton's new tv show. Its a cartoon that teaches kids about counting and shit.

The author in question is cyriac. The update in question is this. Now we're counting.


Instead we got a truly dramatic (or should I say passive-aggressive?) story about a baby goat who could count. No one would listen to her (nor did they wish to be part of her counting fantasy). Instead of being praised for their independent mind, the other animals nearly drowned in a horrific shipwreck - a sure catastrophe only averted by the last minute intel that the ship would only carry ten passengers and after allowing themselves to be counted the animals found out to their relief that there are exactly ten of them on the ship. The lesson we learned? "When weight matters then a rooster and a cow count as equals."

Here's the Soviet cartoon version of it. I'll change the video to one with English subs should I find one.

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