Thursday, 6 September 2012

Girl power meets (kicks) whiny reviews

Here's the thing: I absolutely loved the movie "Sucker Punch". I would also like to think that I'm one of those who "got it" the moment i saw it. (Let's just say, the multi-layered puzzle-y, metaphor-y stuff kinda is my thing. And I tend to not dismiss a rising-from-the-ashes heroine just because I can see her panties when she kicks.)
Here's another thing: I semi-regularly check out Movie Bob's reviews and weekly Big Picture musings at the Escapist. And it was his "don't-miss-this-movie-folks" review that got me interested in Sucker Punch in the first place. So, when I saw that this week's (and the next) episode is addressing just that, I felt that I'd like to do my part spreading the word. (Here's his original review as well.)

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