Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Pantsuits meet blue pens

Today's random nugget of wisdom comes from the coffee-stained conference rooms and it goes like this:
"the intricate logic of bad production cycles might very well be a cultural universal."

Read the whole story here at the Mmm... by Morna (she's got a link to the Russian original-original as well).
This bit, however, sums up the whole AND brings on an unnerving tingle of recognition.

Tired, Smith went for a compromise: “Very well. I will draw you two red lines. They will be definitely perpendicular. I will draw the rest of the lines transparently. They will be transparent and you won’t be able to see them, but I will draw them. Will you be satisfied then?”“Will we be?” Mrs. Redroot turned to Lily. “Yes, we will be.”“But please, a couple of them must be green,” Lily added. “And, can I ask you one more question?”“Yes,” Smith allowed her in a dead voice.“Can you depict one of the straight lines as a kitten?” 

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