Saturday, 10 November 2012

The power of pee meets the power of smart kids

I'm supposed to an adult. Yet I involuntarily respond with pure giggly joy when meeting dribble and doodoo jokes (not to mention dongs scribbled on the wall, boobs that don't belong and random flying penises).
I while ago I even made this little spiritual reminder (a reference to a bunch of inside jokes with too much obscurity and extra background to repeat or even remember).

At the same time, I've discovered that I can harness this "inappropriate" glee in the learning process (for myself at least) - dull or hard to grasp information finds its way into the this-makes-sense-circles when some jolly bodily functions bring it along to the perception party and help it mingle.

And then I read news like this: - and want to applaud. First out of the sheer immature glee, and second to celebrate the curiosity and smarts and the dash of mad science these girls have.
I don't know how well the generator works, I don't know the amount of giggling gone into the invention process - but the fact that they came up with the idea makes the world seem a better place.

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