Thursday, 7 February 2013

"I want to believe" vs. "I want to learn more"

The other day Extra Credits posted this wonderful piece contemplating the relation between beliefs, knowledge, learning - and how they don't  actually contradict each other. I could relate to what they were saying a lot - for me personally, these have always been aspects of the same process.

Indeed, many a times when my conclusions finally land on the the "hmmmmh, that's a bunch of bullshit alright" spot, the starting point has not been "this must be wrong and I shall vocalize it over and over to demonstrate how wrong it is," but rather: "what a curious construct/ ingenious idea/ mind-blowing theory/ elegant explanation this is! I want to believe! I wish to know it better, learn more about it, understand how it works".

Among other things I've observed my attitude shift that way (from fascination to " ...") about various horoscope-y categorization systems (like "personality measuring"or clear-cut learning styles), technologies and practices with "earth-friendly intentions" (like bike generators or a bunch of other stuff) and - last but not least - various  motivation'n'productivity theories (like how creative process should work and what self esteem means).

I haven't figured out how to embed videos from Penny Arcade (if they allow it at all), so I'll spam a pretty picture instead.

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