Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The power of screaming biology (well explained)

I'm such a sucker for When Shit Gets Explained Really Well. I have also dealt with depression at least half of my life (though some tendencies and patterns extend far into childhood), making it a topic near and dear to my heart. So, when I happened to see this lecture the other day, I went "Squee!" a little.

Some of my favourite parts.

- 09:19 - on semantics and the biological aspect. I think comparing depression with diabetes is a very powerful tool to address the (dismissive) "there's nothing physically wrong with you" bias. Besides the primary point ("this too is chemistry, yo. Don't trivialize it just because among other things it fucks with your mood controls.") it implies the importance of "long term maintenance" in improving the life quality.

- 12:25-13:41 - on exhaustion by overstimulation. I was extra-delighted to hear a good round-up of the stress and fatigue connection. (So far my theoretical understanding had only extended to "prolonged stress response depletes your resources"; and the years of practice lead me to believe that - at least for me - the mind-unease and the chronic fatigue really were the different aspects of the same underlying process.)

- 32:44-35:36 - on the female end of the hormone connection.

- 42:25-42:54 - "this is what psychological stress is about" in a nutshell.

- 45:45 - on how the hereditary component works. "Genes are important - but they are not more important than any other component. /.../ Genes in depression are not about inevitability, they are about vulnerability."

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