Sunday, 26 May 2013

So I have been playing ... (21). Primordia.

At some point late last year I saw offer this obscure new title for preordering. It seemed interesting enough and I had just got paid for a little copywriting gig, so I decided to tap into my adventurous side and support this [gasp] new unknown game. When I first launched the game it seemed like it had plenty of character. I decided that I wanted to comment and record my way in it. I had a bunch of other projects in progress and not very much energy to spare, so I put these plans on hold. A few days ago the I'm-so-gonna-record-this-one-day suddenly reached critical mass and right into Primordia I dove.

So far I have uploaded five videos and there are some waiting in the line. The whole playlist will be here.

And here are the first two episodes.

(How often do you see a game that has you shove a finger up a giant robot robot's nose?)

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