Monday, 22 September 2014

So I have been playing... (34). More Machinarium

After sorting out the mystery of missing savegames (big thanks to GOG community helpline, and Amanita's savegame depository), I got back on track with the recordings and carried on til the endgame.

Here's the first episode in the new session.

Here's another one, where I finally figure some stuff out and enter the next area.

In that particular area I thought some of the problemsolving aspects very pretty neat. (Or maybe it was just my penchant towards toilet humour taking effect.) Overall, the emotional contrast between perceived "cool problems" and "dumb puzzles" was rather ... observable in the final areas. (Later it turned out that at least one "damn that puzzle" situation was actually a "decent problemsolving" kind, I had simply missed the parts that made it work.)

Here is the finale episode (and the whole playlist is over here).

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