Sunday, 14 December 2014

Co-piloting Chaos Nova (4). Wasteland calling!

Vaguely around Earth Occidental Standard Year 2014, the drift of interwebs lead my paths into collaboration course with Chaos Nova universe. I have since had the pleasure to dive into their space opera RPG writing process, dispensing unsolicited advice about universe, life, and everything in the process. Once settled in the "writers' room" and comms all set up, I'd start occasionally joining in for gameplay livestreaming too, either in co-op, or just shout-along. This here is one of those occasions.  

It is my intent to do a shared Wasteland 2 playthrough of my own, sooner rather than later. Until the conditions are aligned for that, however, I am more than happy to shout along while others' play. The characters being run in this particular playthrough loosely tie in and/or overlap with the characterization process in the ongoing Chaos Nova forum RPG storylines - "how very meta", as they say.

The whole playlist with ChaosNova related streams & sessions is over here

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