Sunday, 19 April 2015

So I have been playing... (49). Zone on remote control.

Before completing the manoeuvre "off, to the countryside, at least for a few months!" (more on that in upcoming posts), I recorded a session's worth of Oblivion Lost play, which I am now gradually releasing.

Just like the Shadowrun Returns session that I captured around the same time, this footage suffers from some audio issues, namely very low mic levels. (I didn't catch its full scope in pre-session testing - apparently shouting over main menu is not a very good calibrating tool for mumbling in a thunderstorm.) Even though the deployment of my audio-work skills still yield quite a bit of hit-and-miss, this time I encountered a new beast in play: as it turns out, interacting with Skype's sound controls meddles with the system audio. (Which, I might add from the bottom of my little frustrated heart, is complete bullshit, right there. This is not how a civilized, user-friendly program behaves. No cookie, Skype.)

Anyway, here are the first few episodes of that playsession. (The whole playlist is over here.) In this run, I cook up some more modified artifacts, and take time to make a round in the southern maps once again.

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