Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Countryside logs: prologue and stuff.

In the murky depths of dark winter, I made a strategic decision. I would quit my nightjob, allocate funds for a few months of modest living, pack a laptop-duffle-backpack bundle, and land my arse in our family's country-home where I would combine creative writing efforts with outdoorsy maintenance works.

I had already spent the autumn and winter testing out a similar principle as part-time janitor. The honest-labour-as-workout aspect worked well for me (plus, steady income is nice), but I wasn't too impressed with my employers' organization culture and how it was wearing down the staff. More importantly, the evening work hours cut straight into my brain-online-for-writing time window. This posed a problem. My goal was to *increase* my contribution to All Things Chaos Nova - if not strictly in writing, then at least a more consistent input in terms of editing, consulting, and research - with the long term agenda of helping to ascend the passionate collaboration into an actual workplace. I would only be able to do so if I'd actually have any time for that... well, input. Therefore, Onwaaard! to the country.

I am now well into my second month on-site. The works and musings are getting captured in random little video bits that I'm releasing semi-regularly. (There will be posts rounding up those bits semi-regularly too.) And for my own amusement (and as a nod to the space-opera side of works, and to distance my chronicle snippets from Super! Serious!) I am referring to my setup as "orbital station".

Here is the first video bit made at arrival, followed by a botanical sample from the same timeframe.

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