Wednesday, 10 June 2015

So I have been playing... (51). Zone binge.

In my countryside retreat setup I let the bounds of my laptop calibrate my gaming. But I also take semi-regular trips to town, mostly to resupply, and sometimes do larger loads of laundry. When I stay a bit longer I also try to spend quality time reuniting with my primary computer, and to record some. This was one of those times - I had nearly a week before returning to the woods. I decided to dedicate the bulk of it for diving into my Oblivion Lost longplay. There was another challenge to solve: since I'd left the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. disk in the country, it was time to get acquainted with the digital version standing by in reserve in my GOG library. And by "get acquainted" I mean "downgrade it to the version that is compatible with the mods I run, reapply those mods, and hope that doesn't de-stabilize the Earth's orbit". Instructions helped; insert praise and glory here.

Anyway! Here are a few of the first session recorded that week. After a bit of fumbling I finally finalize my preparations, and go beyond Pripyat for an extended stay. There are obstacles on the path, and I still take my sweet time to tiptoe around the NPP, but eventually I begin my crawl through the Sarcophagus, all the way til the inevitable Full Metal Wedgie.

Here's the rest of the playlist (set to autoplay from 47th episode).

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