Monday, 15 February 2016

So I have been playing ... (71). Breakthroughs in Wasteland 2.

When I last left off my Wasteland Two recorded play, I had run into a proper block, unable to overtake a bunch of Wreckers at the Highpool upper accessway. I had also worked out the battle plan to overcome that obstacle. It took a ton of reloads and reiterations, but I did it, eventually. I have been progressing a lot since then, and here's the first post-block session in full glory.

After getting through the Highpool bottleneck the game actually became a lot more manageable. We got to meet all those people up high proper, and hear all about how the Rangers are to blame for all. (This has given me the idea that I might want to resume my Wasteland 1 play as well, and visit the same places back in time, gain firsthand experience of those past events.) We also possessed a bunch of chicken.

After a while some untreated past afflictions matured into main priority. We paid another visit to the AG Centre, and this time could not postpone fighting the remaining pod people outdoors. (Once we got what we'd come for, we also wen against the remaining pod people indoors, just for good measure. We're savouring the Big Bad Doc for an undefined later date, though.)

With the urgent health matters taken care of, we tried to score some brownie points with Highpool folk. It involved water pumps and bands of roaches. I pushed the end of the session far into the night, and wasn't thinking too clearly, so I got the party killed by those roaches before completing the pump-action. Unlike last session, this wasn't a crushing defeat, just a dumb one, so the next session will begin on an "almost there" note.

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