Saturday, 27 February 2016

So I have been playing ... (74). Wastelad 2 continues.

After getting over that Highpool hump, and earning some brownie points with the local folk, I returned rested, lead my buggers on a glorious rampage against the roach hordes, and returned to town. reaping more praises and complementary healing services.

Completing the ongoing Highpool tasks gave us a new freedom of movement. I was also delighted to learn that our newly-gained levels had put us marginally above the more feeble wildlife. That also game me enough confidence to go forward with an attack when I randomly walked my crew into a Wrecker's map.

More brownie points!

It's a good thing we'd levelled up some more because the fruits of AG centre were about to pop up in the neighbourhood.

During the same session I also decided to pick on the main mission a little bit. We're still far away from gaining access to the inner Citadel, though.

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