Sunday, 6 March 2016

So I have been playing ... (76). Dragonfall, session five.

This session started with resolving last time's cliffhanger: our crew pinned down in the Az-Tech pyramid, learning that we didn't have the means to directly tackle all the incoming goons ... nor the need, because the whole thing was set to blow anyway. (The latter we learned through experience.)

After that another quiet episode for running errands and chatting up the locals ...

... until the next main mission step kicked all hell loose upon Kreutzbazaar.

Of course the big fight had a follow-up urgent defusing mission. To get to all devices within given time limit, I purposely split the party (and lived to tell the tale!)

After another breather-houskeeping-downtime-sequence, we headed off to another step in the main mission.

I think this might be the next-to-last step on the way to the mansion endgame. I don't know for sure, because during this part I got a little stuck, tactically speaking, and ran out of steam. This is as far as I've played for the time being.

Here's the link to the whole playlist as well.

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