Wednesday, 9 March 2016

So I have been playing ... (77). Void on a countdown.

As is the way of the Void, whenever you start feeling semi-competent and on top of the in-universe processes, you're usually presented with some new challenge factor. During the previous session, one of the NPCs helpfully informed how I'd "now become the strongest of them all" - so, naturally, a new twist was in order. Turns out we're running against the clock now.

I spent most of this session getting to know these new circumstances, and trying to map the options for using the time and resources well.

In the end I decide that I'm almost ready to start the endgame preparations ... next time. (There is also the matter of defeating one of the in-world adversaries.)

This is as far as I've played for now. Here's also a link to the whole playlist.

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