Thursday, 5 May 2016

So I have been playing ... (82). Bit long, bit dark.

Deep in the middle of dark winter I received a surprise holiday gift (thank you, Snorky!). This wasn't my first-ever Long Dark encounter - I had tagged along to some Knux's livestreams too. Still, having my hands on the real thing was way different (and some of the mechanics were not as easy to pick up as others).

My first survival attempt failed miserably and fast.

My second recorded try went better. In fact, I began recording because I felt I was doing somewhat well - only to be blindsided by some mechanics pretty much right away. After that I started a series of new games in random locations, all of which didn't last very long.

In my third try I had picked up certain things, and I had managed to pull through some critical situations - but eventually I wanted more, and got too bold. 

My fourth session was a long one (I had to cut the footage into six hour-ish episodes). I survived the longest so far; this was also where I fully learned the danger of getting stuck into a safe location and using up your supplies so that you won't have enough to break out again. In the end I began making dumb mistakes and taking unnecessary risks - I could blame the fact that my late-night session witnessed the real-life daylight breaking.

In my fifth attempt I kept my sessions somewhat shorter to avoid IRL Dumb doing me in. I started recording once I'd gotten past the 4th session survival time. My current modest survival record clocked in at 20 days.

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