Sunday, 17 July 2016

So I have been playing ... (89). This is your Pripyat on better graphics.

Last time I brought up my constant balancing act with the graphics. Lo and behold, it's a new day! (I would like to thank Knux, the ChaosNova Epic Hand-Me-Down Hardware Programme, and the academy. Yes, I made some of that up.)

Once I was done ogling the night lights, I figured this would be the perfect time to move my operations from Zaton to Jupiter. Except I had not spent much time accumulating money, and couldn't actually afford the trip. So I dedicated an episode for liquidating the natural resources I *had* accumulated.

Once in Jupiter, I set up some self-imposed limitations to my play with that "foreplay-freeplay" mode in mind. The boundaries and goals I set up were:
- keep out of Yanov, set up a base of operations elsewhere;
- at first, avoid more story-heavy stashes and even locations (Strelok group stashes and Oasis shall be left for dessert)
- obtain a Veles detector before delving into artifact prospecting.

Not only did I kick off with stupidly getting involved and killed in obviously risky, avoidable situations, I also got my guns stuck in floor texture!

The local base of operations matter solved itself rather quickly - It occurred to me that NPCs don't cross into the beyond-depot room at the burers' lair. I only needed to get past the burers first - easy peasy.

Once I had a place to dump the excess gear, I'd mostly take on random map-moseying with a few sights and attractions on the side. Pro-tip - if you're to watch a blowout out in the open, pick a spot that snorks can't reach. 

Now that I had the licence to loot, i went up to that area north Of Yanov where everything spawns in abundance, and where AI paths converge, often leaving a glorious mess on the spot. The trick is, you have to survive that to take the spoils.

At this point I'm starting to tackle some main-story-adjacent elements and areas, picking on the stuff I can access without actually unlocking any of the main plot. Zombi[fied]s are always a safe choice.

Here's a little between-sessions bonus. This whole video consists of me reading out the item descriptions in Russian. (Poorly.)

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