Tuesday, 23 August 2016

So I have been playing ... (91). Turgor - let us continue!

I started playing Turgor long ago. At first it didn't go so well because managing the resources so that you can simply continue playing takes some focus (that I didn't have). But I kept trying, and after a while I got better. After the initial burst, I settled into my somewhat chronic process of intense play --> run into obstacle --> take a breather --> return after long pause (--> repeat). This was the last time I played (beat an obstacle, carried on, ran into a new, bigger obstacle) - and now it was return time again.

I did arm myself with knowledge, and took some careful peeks into a guide at gamefaq. (Careful because I didn't want to find out too much, and only looked up certain keywords).

My goals were simple: buff up in order to fight a brother with a load of health (previously I'd ran out of resource fighting him), then see what happens next.

Next up in agenda - collecting lot of colour. I was running against time, after all.

I though I was doing pretty well in the gardening department, then found that time ran out sooner than I was prepared for.

In the next session I kept pushing on, starting from the post-fight save. It was a bumpy journey. 

In the end I made it to the critical point in time. This is where I learned that I'd grossly underestimated the resource needed for successful endgame. I'd scored the small victories but these were not the success criteria I was looking for!

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