Monday, 5 September 2016

So I have been playing ... (92). Turgor finale.

After learning about the true scope of what it'd take to complete the game, a do-over was in order. I returned to a save half-a-cycle before battling Monty, and started making thorough preparations (including battling Monty *and* Mr Mortar).

Then I went on to set up investments in various gardens all over the Void, and establish optimal movement paths between them.

I felt that I'd had the gathering and storage processes well optimized, and I worked meticulously  on the finer details to reach my objective. Too bad I had my notion of objective all backwards. My dramatic finale moment fell all flat, and I feared I'd have to start over from a way earlier save again.

Thinking through my failure conditions, I realized, that I had enough of everything set up to push for a victory proper. I reversed my final cycle itinerary, Made it to sister Eli (and her blimp) in time, and went through with the ascension.

And that's how I reached Turgor and ended the Void. The whole playlist is over here.
(I started a new game pretty much immediately, and I'll be adding occasional tidbits and curious snippets into the same playlist.)

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