Wednesday, 23 November 2016

So I have been playing ... (101). Kholat - second session.

In the end of my first playsession, there were still whole undiscovered areas on the map. After a night's rest, I picked up the pace again.

In the seventeenth bit I probe at more paths at the map's south side, briefly check out the antenna vicinity, and find a rickety road.

In the eighteenth bit I continue probing the south-end of the map, and wander into some pretty dark business.

In the nineteenth bit I stumble upon another place of power, and dare to challenge the dark corner of the woods.

In the twentieth bit I speculate about the etymological ties between Finno-Ugrian necronyms, and finally complete the church run!

In the twenty first bit I exercise my church-access privileges and thoroughly comb the area.

In the twenty second bit I double-check my coordinates list, and revisit several spots of suspicion (some of which kill my framerate).

In the twenty third bit I tackle the dark woods with varied results, and finally get to the hunter's cabin.

In the final bit I top off my expedition with the antenna/bunker site, and bring the space-time wedgie to full circle.

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