Friday, 9 March 2018

So I have been playing ... (119). More Lost Alpha beta!

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


Last time I posted my first awkward batch of LA beta-snippets. Here's more!
After lots of detouring and side-tracking, I'm moving out ow Cordon. (I immediately fall into the old habit of trying to mess with the normal course of the game.)

At the Depot fight I try to find new and exciting ways to make things go wrong. The game resists and all triggers line up just fine.

In Agroprom I didn't bother recording / didn't bother keeping the recording of the fighty bits because those are done and seen, even if each occasion is a little different.
Instead, I took some time to capture my exploration of the underground: this is my first experience with the fully revamped map!

While under ground, I was also playing tag, catch, & hide-and-seek with the burers (and learning how their strengths differ from previous games).

I'll only  be sharing these videos in small handfuls at the time, so here is the whole playlist.

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