Thursday, 4 October 2018

So I have been playing ... (135). Stasis - the gory finale!

I shall exploit the header space to boost the signal of our GM's Gofundme campaign:


Last time I reached the centre of all the medical experiments complete with chimera cadavers,womb slavery, and a killer robot. This time I figure out how to get past said killer robot (surprise-surprise - I had missed a bit of environment to interact with).

It's time to wreck some advanced medical equipment and recap all the conspiracy hypotheses I've come up with so far.

So we finally catch up with the protagonist's long lost kid. Frankly, I missed or dodged all the intended emotional impact in this scene. The conspiracy-lobe of my brain had already come up with more interesting scenarios than the presented reality (making it harder to take the presented reality seriously); the gore-lobe of my brain had already tuned in to a very different tone from the presented reality, and the genre-savvy-lobe of my brain short-circuited the intended effects and flooded any versimilitude the scene might have had left with a resounding "pfffff!"

After some delightfully yucky crawling, we catch up with the true antagonist. (I'm delighted that some of my conspiracy-hypotheses actually hit the mark.) Of course we have to have a villain's monologue and a final standoff. At this point my bullshit-o-meter started ticking ever so slightly over the fact that you're suddenly supposed to use your inventory in a completely new manner. I mean, once you do it, it makes sense, and technically you get the hint that the inventory itself is now an item because you literally pick it up but...The solution still made me itch a little.

And thus we've come to an end! I also intend to play Stasis' sequel(?) Cayne soonish.
Until then, here is the whole playlist.

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