Sunday, 17 June 2012

Being a crafty bugger (2nd ed.)

My perpetual source of inspiration is the There, I Fixed It blog.
It holds such gems as the Origami Christmas tree ballThe DIY Poop Jokethe heroic stoolsome more poopthe endless possibilities of future poop;  ...

Poop jokes aside, it has also been rather useful for my work. I have helped to put together numerous courses about the health and safety stuff in the industrial setting. And more than once when I have had to figure out an illustration or an animation, I have finalized my desctiption by saying: "I'd like you to draw something like this". It has happened with electrical works; it has happened with heights.

On a few occasions I have even considered submitting my own fixes there, but then shied away. Here, in the safety of my own space however...

It's a lamp, btw. Having been born as a wall lamp, it didn't quite suit my needs for a desk/ worktable lamp. So, hammer and nails to the rescue. We happened to have these nice-looking wooden blocks amongst our firewood. After conducting a quick beauty pageant amongst them, I hammered these three pieces together. Now having a solid sturdy stand for the lamp, I simply screwed it on top. (No hammering there. I may be crafty but I'm not a barbarian.)
Of course, there at the 'Fixedit they've seen it all anyway.

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