Wednesday, 20 June 2012

From my bottomless bookmark folders (1)

[The nicely meandering introductory sentence that I failed on writing.]

In short, i'm not up to some "real" writing every day (not even every other day). At the same time I would like to cultivate the habit of posting here more or less daily, and at the same time build a gravitational centre of topics&themes to build the hypothetical future explorations on. Therefore - my shitload of bookmarks to the rescue. 

I keep these more-or-less coherent folders as some sort of a system.

First, there's the bookmark folder called "goes behind the ear" (that's an Estonian idiom pretty much equivalent to 'note to self') - this holds all kinds of stuff I've figured might come useful, including things i plan on reading some other time, instructions, recipes, product reviews, info resources, computer stuff to try out, dictionaries, unit converters, etc, etc. I'll leave it be. (But here are some assorted entries for the fun of it: this, this and this)

Second, there's the "nice and interesting" folder. That's basically the storage of "Ooh, pretty!!" moments (Assorted entries include this, this and this.)

Now I'll skip a step (that'll be the main focus later) and reach the fourth folder. This one's for webcomics that I keep an eye on with some regularity. The bookmarks are especially useful for those comics that I leave alone every now and again in order to read a bigger bunch of episodes at once. The inhabitants of this folder include, for example, Romantically Apocalyptic, Darwin Charmichael is Going to Hell, Magellan, Johnny Saturn... (I usually pick up new stuff to check out from the ads that authors have on their pages) ... and of course, Wonderella.

[to be continued...]

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