Sunday, 17 June 2012

guerrilla spelling and learning from it

After discovering my misspelling of "guerrilla", I also discovered that "guerrilla learning" is already a term in use. Dangit, and I was so pleased with myself for thinking of it.

Here's the book that describes the method called exactly that. It focuses on children's educat... sorry, learning (my thoughts circle more around learning as a fundamental human function in general) and the basic idea seems to be pretty similar to what I thought of.

I also found this page that describes the guerrilla approach to learning and teaching as
irregular activities [that] are contrary to accepted rules and practices. They are abnormal in some way and can be unusual in timing, distribution and/or focus. They can be seen as different, strange, imperfect and potentially unpredictable.
Again, pretty close to what I thought of.

Now i wonder if it's still okay to stick with the name or try to find a variation of it that still shows the connection with these more official theories but won't mean stealing someone else's work... I'll need to sleep on it.

ED: it would seem that the term "heretic learning" is not coined yet :)

ED2: some descriptions of guerilla learning in action:

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