Sunday, 1 July 2012

"What makes a good learning video," the Minute Physics Guy explains

The question about what kind of digital learning material makes a good digital learning material, is one I have been faced with many times in my line of work. Spoiler: I don't know the answer to this. But I enjoy picking up brumbs [<<- cool typo :) meant "crumbs"] of information that indicate the goodness and usefulness of some particular method, tool, toy, approach, paradigm, theoty, etc.

 In this lecture, the creator of Minute Physics video series is speaking of his own experience and preferences with the matter.

I remember him making a point about using written formulas, visualizations and analogies for explaining purposes that sounded something like "we don't have to explain/ teach science the same way it was first written down when discovered". For me, it resonated as a very important, fundamental idea about teaching/ learning in general. Now i can't remember if that was during this lecture or did he have a separate video about it. I'll look it up and add it as a separate link later.

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