Sunday, 1 July 2012

playing with sounds + due credits

Today I learned another skill: namely, how to add more audio when editing some video. (The desire to figure it out is fuelled by my recent attempts with ingame video recording - and the discovery that due to various settings, choices and circumstances, my ingame talk doesn't quite qualify as "audible", so I'd want to post-produce in some context narration.)

Since a the media tinkering I do is strictly for my own purposes and separated from my proffessional doings, I'm always on the lookout for freeware and free resources. I shall soon write up a longer story about my adventures with game video and the tools to go with it.
Right now, however, I want to express my gratitude to Incompetech for some of the music clips I used in a home video of mine (no, I'm not going to show the video itself). I could try to say that I'm "spreading the word" but let's face it: my audience at the moment being my sister, one guy across the big sea and one guy across a little less sea (plus some mystery visitor from Grmany), the word wouldn't resonate that much.

 So instead I'll say: THANK YOU, KEVIN :)

P.S: I also see some future for the Sugar Plum Fairy in one of the upcoming/ planned game videos.

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